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Drink Bubble Tea Often, This is the Danger

Bubble tea or often called 'boba' is a contemporary tea that is increasingly on the market. Naturally, the taste is delicious and sweet, and the appearance is interesting to make many people love this drink. But be careful, consuming excessive bubble tea can have a negative impact on your health, you know. Tea which is one of the basic ingredients of this drink can provide a variety of health benefits for the body, because it is rich in antioxidants that can ward off free radicals. However, similar predicates apparently cannot be given to bubble tea. Bubble tea is not even recommended for routine consumption. What is the reason? Risk of Drinking Bubble Tea Excessively The reason bubble tea is not recommended for routine consumption is because there are some health problems that can arise if you consume this drink too often. The health problems are: Overweight If tea drinks are often recommended for weight loss diets, bubble tea can actually trigger weight gain. The addi
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Ingredients and Benefits of Breadfruit for Health

Not only as a food ingredient, breadfruit is also believed to be useful for treating and preventing certain diseases. However, have the benefits of breadfruit in the treatment and prevention of diseases proven effective? Let's look at the discussion. Breadfruit named Latin Artocarpus altilis is a tropical fruit that at first glance looks like jackfruit. Breadfruit has soft, sweet white flesh. Breadfruit is popular because it can be processed into various kinds of snacks. Breadfruit can be processed in various ways, ranging from fried, steamed, baked, made into chips, compote, until processed into flour to become other cooking ingredients. Breadfruit Nutrition Content Breadfruit has a relatively high nutritional composition. The following are some types of nutrients contained in breadfruit: Complex carbohydrates. Protein. Fiber. Water. Minerals, such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. Vitamins, such as vitamin B, vitamin C, beta carotene, folat

Make No One Choose Men's Underwear, So As Not To Disturb Fertility

Choosing men's underwear should not be considered trivial, because the wrong underwear can interfere with male fertility, including causing low sperm count. Therefore, wear comfortable panties and not narrow to create the optimal temperature around the testes. Mistake in choosing men's underwear can cause the testicles to be in an ideal temperature. The ideal temperature is considered to result in the testicles being unable to produce sperm with sufficient quality and quantity to be able to fertilize an egg. Tips for Choosing the Right Men Underwears So that men's underwear does not risk triggering temperatures that are not ideal for the testes so that it interferes with the level of sperm fertility, then some things below should be noted: Avoid pants that are too tight A study shows that wearing tight men's underwear can reduce sperm quality. Therefore, it would be better for men to wear loose underpants or shorts (boxers). Use loose underwear Many do